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kidde vm series

Kidde VM Series Fire Alarm System

A dependable and intelligent fire safety system can make a huge difference in ensuring the safety of buildings and homes. At DATCHE, we offer a variety of options to suit your needs, and the Kidde VM Series Fire Alarm System stands out as one of the most advanced fire safety solutions available. Here are some of its notable features:

🖥️ Scalable high-tech networking. A single VM Series network can be expanded with up to 24 panels, making it highly scalable.

⏱️ Short response time. Equipped with RS485 connectivity and fiber-optic communications, this system can deliver shorter response times in the event of a fire.

🔊 Versatile. The VM Series supports various option cards that can be used to extend its networking, audio, and communications capabilities, making it highly versatile.

🔎 Super-intelligent detection. The system’s Optica detectors can reliably detect both smoke and carbon monoxide, making it highly effective in detecting fire hazards.

⚙️ Retrofit-ready and forward-facing integration. The VM Series is designed to work with both new and existing Genesis notification appliances, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup.

Partnering with DATCHE for your fire safety needs means that you’ll have access to top-of-the-line fire safety systems like the Kidde VM Series. So whether you’re looking to secure a commercial building or a residential property, we’ve got you covered!

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