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The Titan Behind Tambuli

In a sea of resorts and hotels in Mactan, Cebu, it’s not easy to stand out, especially if you’re competing with the giants like Shangri-la, Sheraton, and Dusit Thani. However, our featured entrepreneur has cracked the code and his handiwork now sits among the leading resorts in Cebu.

Mr. Gerard Tan, Chairman of TYTANS Properties & Development Inc., is the developer behind Tambuli Seaside Living. Tambuli is an 11-hectare development with a sprawling four-hectare amenity area that includes an exquisite natural white sand beach accessible to guests and residents alike. It offers an unparalleled experience of nature, dining, and Filipino hospitality.

We had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Tan about Tambuli, and what he has to say to those who aspire to enter the highly competitive, yet equally rewarding hospitality industry.

Q: How did the idea of building Tambuli come about?
A: Like most Cebuanos, I love going to the beach. Before the development of Tambuli, I would go to resorts in Mactan during holidays or weekends. I realized how expensive it was to stay in quality resorts, and I didn’t like how we were limited to check-in and check-out schedules. This gave me the idea of building a beach resort and a residential development in one.

Q: Tambuli’s overall design and landscaping is remarkable! How did you do it?
A: I’m proud to say that we have an all-Filipino team in charge of the planning and designing for Tambuli. Renowned Filipino modernist Arch. Alex Medalla did an exceptional job of designing a resort and residential development that’s unique from what’s already in the market. Our structures are built around nature, and not the other way around. In fact, we kept trees that are 30 to 40 years old! And we’re one of the few resorts in Mactan with natural white sand beachfront, so that’s a big plus.

Q: What’s your approach to marketing Tambuli?
A: We’re not focused on competing with the branded and established resorts in Mactan. Our top priority is to offer something different, so our guests can have memorable experiences that will keep them coming back. We also positioned our resort between the luxury and mid-markets, which proved to be the sweet spot for Tambuli, and for us as a boutique developer and a new player in town.

Q: Tambuli is also known for offering great food! What’s your concept behind it?
A: My direction to my F&B team is to highlight Filipino cuisine, fruits in season, and what’s authentically Pinoy. In Tambuli, we want to offer an authentic experience of being in the Philippines – and food is an integral part of it.

Q: What’s one thing that you’re most proud of about Tambuli?
A: I am proud of the consistent positive feedback from customers, investors, and the local business community, which has been very encouraging. Recently, Tambuli was awarded as the Resort of the Year by SunStar Best of Cebu 2022, and this recognition indicates that we are doing something right.

Q: What’s next for Tambuli?
A: Our goal is to complete all six (6) towers of Phase 1 by 2024, after which we will move on to Phase 2 of the project. The next phase includes six (6) additional residential towers, a condotel, and a 150-room luxury hotel.

Q: What advice can you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to venture into the hospitality business or real estate development?
A: My advice would be to offer something unique to the market, uphold honesty and integrity, remain humble, under-promise and over-deliver, and strive to provide delightful and memorable customer service experiences to your guests.

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